Friday, September 16, 2016

ON VACATION - Fall break - Shop news

You guys, after long work days, dozens of cat portraits and cake toppers and late night jogs later, to clear my senses under the waxing gibbous, I am finally off to my oh so loved autumn break. Please note, the shop will be open, however shipping the orders will be restarted on the 26th September, when I will be back at the studio.

Custom orders due will be shipped out on Monday the 19th, so no worries. Everything is on point, I made sure of that. So please note, orders placed 16-25 September will start shipping out on 26 September. Until then, I will not be answering emails, as I like to take a little break also from the online world over my holidays. Thanks a bunch for understanding!

I will probably be writing about it afterwards, but just as a little teaser what I can already share is that my holidays are usually a little peculiar, and this one starts out with an Abraham-Hicks seminar held in Rome. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it! Those to whom the name rings familiar can probably relate to that feeling right now. (doing the happy dance as I am writing this)

And to make up for my absence I'd love to offer you a: coupon code of 15% off all orders placed between 16-25 September. Just enter LOVEFALL15 at checkout! Shop HERE!

Thank you for supporting my dream!
See you soon.

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's new?

What can I say, I've been a busy bee, creating new jewelry for you lovely ladies to devour. And I must add, I had a blast test-wearing them. Here's a small sneak peek.

Shop new earrings (and more) HERE.

Friday, September 9, 2016

welcoming new stockists

I am excited to announce, that there will be two new shops carrying a selection of my pieces in the United States. So if you live in or around Forestdale, MA head over to Wish Gift Co. for some kittiliciousness, or hop in to Let's Put A Bird On It in Aptes, CA to see my marbled geometric jewelry from the Matsumaini collection.

Pretty cool, right?
Each day I wake to do what I love, I am humbled by the power of the internet. This big tangled web that makes communication, seeking and reaching out to any part of the world so easy is the everyday miracle that we often take for granted. I am so grateful for those super smart folks who make it all happen.
And yes I know what you might be thinking right now, like everything that is material is a two sided dagger, that can harm or heal; so it is always up to us, which side we line up with...

If I learned something through running a business, is that the resources available are to be used mindfully. Conscious action is vital to a free flow.

Thank you for your support, you guys. You make the possibility of living my dream a reality, I am reminded of this with every breath I take...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

simple thoughts

I am astonished day after day, how the simple act of questioning beliefs and convictions can change my life and shift the old to something brand new. Something that is true now. In this very moment.
You know, some teachings have been around for so, so very long, and yet for the most part they are overrated beyond measure, and yet we, as a society, we keep them alive for the sake of tradition. A better word to use would be dogma. Ego-centric and fear-based, just like any field that is incapable of progress.

On all occasions, also now, some of my simplest and seemingly isolated thoughts emerge from worlds of stories under the surface... And a tiny part of the story behind the few lines above naturally rose after a wedding ceremony I attended over this past weekend. I have never been to an Orthodox wedding event before, so everything that had happened and that was said came like a cold shower just now, with no drops of cold water to caution me prior to it.

Religion. Such a delicate subject. And truth be told, I hesitated when thinking about posting this.
Not because I am in any way scared to stand up for my emotions and my beliefs, but because in this era of opinions I often find grace in withdrawing from expressing one out loud. I simply don't find it reasonable to waste words on trying to convince others of my truth.

And yet, the impulse seems so strong, it is obvious it would not rest until it hit those letters on the keyboard.

So. Religion. Any religion for that matter.
I playfully acknowledge the rigid feel of superiority in all of them. All of them claiming their superiority with a humble head bow that masks a certain amount of hypocrisy, offering merely partial answers for those burning questions in the hearts of their followers, creating a serious duality between the divine and the human. No wonder so many misunderstand the core values and the simplest of laws in the universe...

I feel myself easily swept into philosophical paragraphs, but the point of this post will only come clean if I stick to the essence of my initial message. So let me curl back to it. Overrated-ness is a keyword. The different religious beliefs. Rigid, prehistoric behaviour. Where it is thought that a woman needs to serve her husband. Serve. In its most literal meaning. In the "serve and shut the hell up" type of sense. I was shocked. To hear this in the 21st century. Where men and women align for human rights, for compassion and for kindness. For equality. For equal rights and fair implementation of these.

It was not the first time. And it is by no means a unique example, or a single topic. I have many from the most personal to the most global ones. And here we stand on the brink of religious teachings, in this glorious 21st century with a soul full of questions and uncertainties, and in the same time a soul filled with answers and gratitude.

And the laws of the Univers are simpler than that which the religiously conditioned mind can conceive.

In the end, being a compassionate human being, lacking the woman-man-muslim-hindu-christian-good-bad-tall-fat-etc. labels, is the essence of our existence. We exist now and continue to exist on this planet because we are capable of progress. Questioning wether what we say, what we do, why we said or did that which resulted is the most important spring of life. And the easiest judge of the outcome are our feelings. They never lie, because the source within us (yes, within US!) will never fail to be the truest and most honest guide, governing our souls.

There! Five paragraphs that will make almost no sense to most of you out there. But there will be a tiny percent of you old souls, who will stumble upon this post in the right timing and allow yourselves to be carried away to the tangled strings of thoughts in my mind through these few lines, and see beyond words. I salute you!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Bye-bye summer, hello fall

Somehow once we reach mid-August I already start to feel the fall vibe, the air thickens and life starts to get a slower pace. Everything gets done. Though my work-pace rapidly increases and balancing life and running a business seems logically impossible, and still... against all odds, with a calm heart and a centered soul the pieces all fall into their place. It's the magic of  the fall season, I like to think. The most beautiful of them all... Seasoned with soups and stews, topped with scrumptious cookies and pies, what is not to love about it. I won't even go into the boots, knitted socks, long shirts and cardigans subject, I think I've made my point without that one anyway.

This mosaic is a monthly recap using snaps from my instagram page. To see more hop over HERE and follow along as I share photos about work, life and pet-fun! I'm loving it, hope you will too!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

simple moments

Together with the arrival of August, at the brink of the change in seasons I can find myself dreaming of recipes that so perfectly caress fall. Aromatic plants, warm spices, creamy textures and the sweetest of smells.Oh those warm socks and long cardigans...

But not so fast, right? As much as I find myself most inspired by the delicious fall season, I adore the present moment. This misty, November-like August morning with freshly brewed coffee steaming on my workbench and doggies sleeping peacefully on their pillows. Cats mostly on the shelves or chairs. The most mundane of days can hold such magnificence.

The other day after my meditation the thought "Give up the battle and give into the ease of the moment" came up so strongly in my heart. Given the fact that I didn't think I was struggling with any given area of life, I found it strange at first. But it made me focus more consciously upon the now. Being present is a choice we have to show up to, until it becomes something normal and then choose it again. Isn't it wonderful that though we often wander off  in opposing directions, we are always guided back toward what feels right...

So let this be the theme of your month, dear soul. August is so easy to appreciate, let's make the most of it by keeping our focus.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

fire and air

Though unconsciously, yet I now see, that intentionally, in these past years and especially so in recent months I have set everything I know to be true on fire. Everything I thought I was or believed.
And fire cleanses, and hurts, and wounds, and heals in the same exact time, ultimately casting a light more powerful than ever before. 

Each moment we arrive to in life, is so much more than the previous one had ever been. Unique. And powerful.

We often sit blind-folded and closed up by our prior conditioning and our belief system, that we often forget how important it is to detach from it all, to cleanse it out, to stretch into the rigid parts and ease out the tension. We are often grudging ourselves the freedom to become more by choosing the same roads, the same reactions, the same direction, the same words and thoughts. Oh those same thoughts...which soon become our beliefs. Are they worth holding on to, once the wobble sets in, I used to wondered. Surprisingly, we are so keen to push through times like that. We taught ourselves to fight and resist the fire. The delicious and dangerous fire that burns up the delusions and leaves way for learning to breathe again.

Oh, to breathe that fresh air into the soul... and release it again. Trusting, that fresh, cleansing air will always be available when we are ready for it.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July

As usual, with a brief recap of the previous month I wish you happy July! For those with a curious nature, head over to my instagram to see more. Studio fun, process shots, new creations, pets and occasional do's and likes will be waiting for you to scroll through them.

Excuse the short post, but the mixed-berry pie baking in the oven needs me right meow.
I hope summer treats your skin softly and your heart kindly, friends.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yesterday night as I went to bed, I really planed on taking an early morning jog to start my day out. The alarm on my phone rang at 5:30 am, than at 6 am and on both occasions I was startled by the sound. Later at 7 am my alarm clock set the radio off, but I silenced it without looking. I can find the right button to do that even on a single try with my eyes closed... special survival skills on a grumpy morning, I call it.

So when at 8 I finally found myself sitting on the side of the bed, with the summer heat suffocatingly thick in the bedroom already, I finally accepted that jogging would have to be postponed. As I was brewing freshly ground coffee, the air around me so enchanted, and my bare feet on the floor so grounded, I heard a scream. Than a long cry.

The balcony door was wide open, sounds can easily come and leave as they fancy.

The woman's cry reminded me of the night my father's dad died. I can hardly find anything more scary as that night in my life. Not because of what happened. {Time passes, and as we gain more experience in life some of the things, as painful as they may be, are more easily accepted as a fact of life and an important step for progress and evolution.} But for my reaction to that which had happened.

As I sat down with a cup full a coffee in between the palm of my hands I closed my eyes, to send her love for whatever sadness made her lungs push such a sound out of her. Immediately after, a male voice. Angry. Aggressive. And out of control. My eyes opened wide. I stood up. Went to the balcony in an attempt to localize the source of these dreadful sounds. It came from my building, that much I could hear, but I couldn't make out which apartment. I entered the living room again.
My hands were shaking. I am rarely this vulnerable over something that is in many ways not my personal experience. There is a whole world living on in my heart, but it is usually not reflected physically. And yet, there I was, standing on the cold kitchen tiles reaching for the tap.

That deep feeling of powerlessness took hold of me and I felt such resistance to it, I was trembling.

A door somewhere far in the building slammed; the cry continued. My first thought was: I hope he'll be run over by a truck. Then a few tears ran down hastily on my cheeks. Immediately followed by a feeling of relief, a peaceful calming sigh which instantly eliminated within my soul even the last bit of resentment and resistance.

Heliophile. You. Me. All of us. We are all like a bunch of sunflowers on a beautiful yellow colored field. Our souls never cease turning to the light even when our human experience turns us away from it, and the guidance within never ceases to guide us back to our true, loving nature. Nothing else will ever do.

I despised this man a few moments earlier deeply.
Isn't it surprising how we have this burning desire to bring change about and yet we so often find ourselves giving our entire attention to that which we wish to diminish?
And despite hating him just a moment earlier, my heart filled, so naturally and effortlessly with love I could barely contain myself. He completely exited my awareness. Love towards her took his place entirely. Love toward the moment she is building up to through these experiences in order to make the necessary changes in her own life. Love and hopefulness, clear and distinguishable energy of freedom, that is about to emerge through these unwanted experiences in her life. The more intense the contrast in life, the stronger the desire for and the call toward that which is wanted.

If we are indeed co-creating the world through our emotions (and we are), then we must choose them wisely. And thankfully there will always be situations that will help us redirect our focus, and will guide us towards the crossroad of essentially two choices. We can focus on what we don't want and build a shrine for it through hatred, guilt, fear and all the likes of such feelings, or we can choose to keep that which we want to see in the world in our undivided attention and unconditional love.

And as much as we all like walking down that latter road, we at times still hastily start out by rushing down the first one. Yet I am ever so grateful to have shaking hands and a trembling heart to oh so obviously show me that I am going in the wrong direction. We all have an inner guidance, a pull, that no matter how far we wander off in the opposing direction, it will eventually turn us back towards the "sun".

Monday, June 27, 2016

the choices we make

There comes a moment when nothing else matters, nothing makes any sense at all, except surrendering to love. And love alone.
We search wide and narrow, our hearts never stop looking for that which is new, that which is unknown and our curiosity is never to be tamed. Change is so easy to embrace once we realize that it is our natural state and nothing ever stays the same, except that which we are. And if that coincides with other people's core essence, then we get to stay in each other's present moment. If not, our journey together served its purpose and ends in order to leave way for the new to come in. So why would you ever force anything onto yourself? Be that any kind of belief, religious or political, dogmatic or fundamental. There is resistance in all of that.
Whenever I'm asked to take sides, I walk away...

I refuse to argue for the limitation of the party I am supposed to represent.
How could I claim to be anything? And say I hold the truth now and that truth will stay the same forever more. Do you honestly believe it really will?

Does it matter what you are, a democrat, a Muslim, a communist, a catholic, a Jew, a ....?
Does it make any difference at all, dear soul? Aren't we all living for the same purpose, except we walk on different journeys on our way there...

So whatever journey you find yourself on, make sure love is the only emotion you feel. Because there is a little truth in everyone's opinion; and there's much resistance for them to overcome, so be gentle. Look for the good in others to find the greatness in the deepest of your heart and let go of your labels. A life without any dots or stars is just a matter of choice, you see. ツ

Saturday, June 25, 2016

summer breeze

Just like a fresh cool summer breeze, these porcelain pieces in their subtle feminine graceful lines turn the simplest of outfits into glam. Find available designs in the shop right "meow".

Thursday, June 23, 2016

summer sunshine

Truth be told, I'd love to live in a house with a beautiful garden, tall trees, bushes and wonderful greens to keep me cool in these suffocatingly hot and humid days. But I do not currently live in such an environment.
On most nights I come home from a kiln heated studio to step outside and breath in the urban warmth  and enjoy a cold drink on the balcony of my current apartment. And on most nights I sit in awe about how blessed I am to be able to experience it all and live the kind of life I choose to lead.

And as I sit and allow the warm wind to run and play around my curls in the darkest night, I sit and observe all that is, and I feel all that is about to become, I can't help but appreciate the love toward the kind of life I live every day, the ease I move through my days, the certainty I experience in my most random moments and the answers I receive from the most unexpected encounters.

Life is so easy to be loved, when gratitude becomes a conscious act. Giving grace... it is so easy. And yet we often forget it.

Imagine if I told my story from a different angle. Imagine me telling you what it feels like to work in a studio of 3 active kilns, painting gold luster at a temperature of 36 degrees Celcius all day long, being suffocated not only by the heat but the thick smell of turpentine, acetone and and other smelly solutions, having sweat drip literally from my underwear, then coming home late in the evening to a west-facing apartment within a busy and polluted city, having no fresh air to breath, no cool breeze to temper the heat in my body...

How different it is from the vision I personally call reality... Yet it is the very same life. The very same story. Both are.
My version of the story is, that I live my dream, each and every day, doing what makes my heart smile, creating jewelry that make women feel happy and dishes that make people smile. I work among tiny saved creatures, offering them a better life, while they save me in return each and every single day, over and over again; taking nice long, cleansing walks on the hill above my (our)studio, taking time to fill our souls to the brim with positivity and freedom. Knowing that I am able to return to a beautiful home that satisfies my needs, tends to what I require, shelters me, spoils me and offers me a vivid, yet peaceful life in one of the most enjoyed parts of our city.

Each day we wake up, we have the freedom of choice. And we're so free we can choose limits and literal boundaries. I choose freedom. And love. And a life filled with gratitude as the evening breeze caresses my skin and the few stars that are visible in the urban night shine down on me... Oh life, we've been so blessed to live whichever life we chose. And the amazing in all of it is, we can always come to new agreements, make new choices and adjust it all according to  whatever it is we desire to see and experience in the world around us.

Isn't it amazing that our choices define our present moment; and we have the power to alter it with the thoughts we think each and every single day?